Raw Honey

100% Australian Raw Mixed Blossom Honey from The Naked Honey Apiary.

The Naked Honey Apiary is located in the NSW Lower Hunter Valley in Australia. We currently have our bee hives situated at Kurri Kurri and Abernethy. Both of these locations are local to us and have an abundance of flora to keep our bees busy pollinating, resulting in our girls collecting their sticky goodness from a variety of bushes, flowers, shrubs and trees which in turn has them making the best honey just for you, our customer.

We are a small family business and as such we don’t have expensive gear to aid the extraction process therefore it is all done by hand.  We don’t use heat to uncap the frames and only strain the honey twice through a sieve before bottling and sealing ensuring that all the natural enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, probiotics, pollen, powerful antioxidants and benefits of the honey have been preserved. There are no pesticides or chemical residues in our honey, as well as no antibiotics or additives.


Raw honey may after a period of time crystallise, but this is a good thing as it is a sign of purity. To return the honey to liquid, simply place the jar in some warm water or into direct sunlight. Our honey is available to you the way that nature intended and we would not have it any other way.

Benefits of Raw Honey

All the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes are intact.

Anti fungal and anti viral properties.

Contains powerful antioxidants.

Is known to ward off allergies.

Is beneficial in healing skin conditions.

Helps improve brain function.

If you have never tasted raw honey straight from the beekeeper then you are in for a treat. If you have then you know that nothing else compares.