About Us

Hi there, “We” are Roz and Chris, welcome to our website. Just a little bit about us – We started out as newbie beekeepers with a passion to help save the worlds bee population from dying out. In October of 2017 we purchased our first 8 frame nucleus hive from a local beekeeper, we cleared an area in a garden to the side of the front of our house and let it be for a couple of weeks. We checked on the bees progress regularly even though life got a bit busy with running our café, we strived to find the time to learn more about bees, diseases and adding honey supers and how to extract and process honey.

Almost 12 months after we brought our first hive home we eventually found time to expand the hive by adding a queen excluder and 2 full depth supers above the brood box which gave our girls room to grow and store honey. Not long after, by chance we managed to come across a swarm which then became our second hive and which quickly turned into a brood box with 2 full depth supers. Just 2 months later (in December) the girls had been so busy we were harvesting from both hives, we had some pretty decent yields and the honey was soooo good. After a successful season we chose to do a split on our first hive to create a new nuc in March 2019 and then on our second hive at the end of April 2019. We have since done more splits, bought an existing hive, sold 2 hives and a package of bees and captured numerous swarms, our current hive total is now 20.

Our honey is for sale through the following avenues

Directly from our website https://beestuff.online/

The Bread Basket – 161 Lang Street, Kurri Kurri

Our Honesty Box at our address .. 48 Aberdare Street, Kurri Kurri

Our Facebook page – Naked Honey Apiary https://www.facebook.com/aussiehoneyproducts/
or by emailing us at aussiehoneyproducts@gmail.com.

If you are interested in stocking our products please contact us at aussiehoneyproducts@gmail.com

We are also excited to offer more bee related products as our little bee empire grows 🙂

Cheers from your local Beeks – Roz and Chris